Intensity vs. Consistency

I think about sustainability a lot. So anytime I see something that I think can help improve the sustainability of programs, rest assured it will show up on this site. Like this video from the folks over at RSA; I think it makes a great point about successfully managing businesses, which forensic nursing programs are.

RSA – Simon Sinek – Intensity vs Consistency from Jocie Juritz on Vimeo.

In forensic nursing, intensity is represented by things like fancy new equipment. It’s exciting, but it doesn’t really do anything to make sure your program is going to go the distance. And it certainly doesn’t guarantee a better quality clinician or patient experience.

Consistency is regular staff meetings. Consistency is ongoing education. Consistency is about investing in people and not things. It’s one of the keys to sustainable programs, as we discovered in our project. New cameras and other equipment are fine, but they shouldn’t be where you prioritize your resources. Need a new camera? Maybe purchase one that has fewer bells and whistles and devote some of that money to IAFN membership or conference registration for staff. When you invest in your team, when you ensure they feel supported and have access to current research and practice updates, they are more likely to stick around. Your patients are more likely to have better experiences, and the exam is more likely to be done appropriately and consistent with standards of practice, which benefits the entire system.


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