Since Last We Spoke, 3-12-18

As is the nature of this work, I was supposed to be on the road the remainder of the month and now I am not traveling until the beginning of April. So, more time at home than I typically have, which is not a bad thing. This made for a very mellow weekend and plenty of reading time. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

These young women, they are doing incredible things.

And also

See–there’s data! (“Young women are more likely than young men to report one or more kinds of political activity over the past 12 months”)

Most certainly

When boys are victims

Seems as though we aren’t done with this yet

Love seeing our colleague doing such amazing things in the world

This is both thrilling and infuriating

The book was such a pivotal part of my childhood (and many of her others a pivotal part of my adult life); I cannot wait to see the movie.

Finally, we are going to attend the March with our daughter, her dad and other stepmom, and one of her besties. Anyone else coming to DC for it?

(BTW, anyone see this marvelous ad?)

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