Since Last We Spoke, 4-30-18

Greetings to you all–as I write this I am sitting in a United Club getting ready to board a flight to Miami where I will be teaching most of the week with the Army. I’ve been looking forward to this week for some time, so while it’ll be mentally rigorous (as all new courses are), it barely feels like work. Just a reminder I am still looking for folks who fit the criteria I outline in this post–I heard from a few of you, but not nearly as many as I had hoped. Please, people, visibility is important; diversity is a necessity if we are going to have national level projects that truly speak to the full breadth of patients we serve. FHO readership has always been exceedingly shy–but I am asking you to use this platform to show off your practice. Readers are more interested than you realize (I know from the dozens of emails I did get from people telling me they loved the idea). I will also be knocking on some virtual doors, but I would love to highlight new voices in particular–folks who have yet to step onto a national stage. Hit me up–I know you’re out there. And thanks to those of you who already have–I haven’t been ignoring you. Just getting my proverbial s%^& together.

And now, here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

#MeToo isn’t done yet


Proud to have called AEQ my home for a time

Not an easy read but a good one

C’mon, NFL

C’mon, Nike

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the outrage at her jokes, but not his conduct.

I’ll be in Montgomery next week and hope to be able to take a couple hours to visit

I love what this technology has meant for people with disabilities

This causes so much rage in me. The entitlement…


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