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Post-Sexual Exposure (nPEP) HIV Prevention Toolkit: UPDATED

I saw this was posted over at SAFEta, as well, but I wanted to amplify it a bit, because this is an area where we can always be collectively stronger (since we’re still not able to universally offer patients the option at this time, at least here in the US): the AETC National Coordinating Resource Center published a Post-Sexual Exposure HIV Prevention Toolkit earlier this month. It includes:

You’ll also find a relevant blog post by Diane Daiber of IAFN that’s definitely worth a read. I was pleased to see that IAFN is actually a collaborator on this toolkit, so you can expect it to be specifically relevant to our practice. A great focus for an upcoming staff meeting perhaps…

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Thanks, Jen for pointing out this resource, there are some really handy tools that the AETC created to make this simpler. Coming up next in the toolkit is a series of FAQs (in part from the webinar questions) and also resources on payment for the meds, which is an issue that comes up frequently.

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