Since Last We Spoke, 6-4-18

Well, here’s the thing–Friday was my birthday, and we are a family that does birthdays over an entire weekend. My folks came in, and my kiddo comes today, so I did a whole lot of play this weekend and not much in the way of work. Not really even much in the way of reading. But last night as I started to think about what this week brings (travel, projects, some house stuff, and then Pride), my brain kept me awake and I ended up perusing my social media feeds. So I managed to catch up a bit on what’s going on in the world–here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

The persistence of racist medical beliefs, and their association with ongoing racial disparities in treatment and patient outcomes, represents a major challenge for 21st-century American medicine.” Believe it.

The NFL has a serious problem with its priorities

A glossary for the #metoo movement

One of the best takes on the Roseanne Barr garbage

Sports media doesn’t know what to do about sexual violence

This weekend’s long read (hello, Brock Turner)

Decades of doing this work made this story feel terribly familiar

This report (well, mostly the photos) pretty well gutted me

A look at the shifting death stats in the wake of Hurricane Maria

For those of you who are Alexa users


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