Child Abuse

Tales from the U.K. of the Trafficking of Men and Boys for Forced Labour

Oh hey, Canada–I promise I know you guys are up there (and my, how particularly lovely your country looks from down here). I also recognize that I don’t do a very good job of sending training your way, mostly because I don’t stumble across it very often. But look! A webinar just for you, with the complicated, if not incredibly specific title, Stories and Signs: Tales from the U.K. of the Trafficking of Men and Boys for Forced Labour, with Questions for Canada. The session is being offered by the Online Training Initiative to Address Human Trafficking on July 26th at 3pm EDT. From the site:

Human trafficking takes many forms, but most of the time people tend to focus on the trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation. Particularly within Canada, the emphasis on domestic sex trafficking, while crucial, may detract from identifying, preventing and responding to other forms of exploitation. Drawing on six years of experience in the UK, this webinar will highlight personal stories of encounters with survivors and frontline responders: from a Nigerian boy forced into domestic servitude by his aunt, to an Indian student tricked into working at a restaurant without pay; from Romanian boys coerced into begging and street crime, to Chinese men who drowned picking shellfish on the beach; from a Vietnamese boy trafficked around the world to cultivate cannabis, to homeless young men kept as slaves and forced into construction work. Do these forms of trafficking occur in Canada? Would we notice if they did? Let us know what you think. Bring your questions and insights, and we look forward to having you join us.

Register for the webinar here.

BTW, they have a host of archived webinars, so if you’re in Canada and this is a topic of interest, I suggest checking out their full library.


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