Sexual Assault

Human Trafficking and Toxicology

IAFN is hosting an upcoming webinar, Human Trafficking and Toxicology. The session will be held July 10th at 2pm ET. It is limited to 200 people, but will be archived (f0r IAFN members)–if you want to attend the live session I encourage you to register ASAP. 1.5 CEUs will be available. From the announcement:

This presentation will identify common dynamics in sex and labor trafficking and describe how drugs and alcohol are used to assert and maintain control over victims and perpetrate trafficking and trafficking-related crimes. The presenter will discuss the importance of and strategies for collaborating with medical professionals to identify drug-facilitated human trafficking, provide much-needed care, and educate other allied professionals about the effects of drug use in human trafficking.

Jane Anderson, Attorney Advisor from AEquitas will be the featured speaker.

Register here.


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