Since Last We Spoke, 7/2/18

Hard to believe it’s July, and yet here we are. I am sad to tell you my summer basically ends this week, with my girlchild heading back to the 216 for work and school obligations (and just generally being a teenager with a social life), and my wife and I resuming our lives of traveling (separately) non-stop. If you’d like to keep up at home, between Saturday and Labor Day weekend I will be headed to: Ft. Huachuca, AZ-Houston, TX-Kaiserslautern, Germany-Columbia, SC-Vicenza, Italy, Camp Pendleton, CA-Ft. Drum, NY-Cleveland, OH. Not complaining–work is a blessing, I will take it. However, posting may be inconsistent, please bear with me (long time FHO readers know the drill). Especially the weeks out of the country, I will try to respond to your inquiries in a timely manner, keep postings going, all of the things. Just know I am bouncing around time zones. Your patience, as always, is much appreciated. BTW, continued thanks to everyone supporting the new research brief on aging bruises based on color. The response has been really lovely.

I spent most of the weekend working, since the kiddo has been off at Georgetown this past week, and Sasha had Army duty. I tried to get down to the protest, but my timing was a bit off, and I missed the tail end of the rally, which was disappointing. Still amazing to see so many protesters in white, with their creative signs, persevering in the heat. When I wasn’t working, I caught up on the (mostly dismal) news of the week. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

This is legitimately the best thing I’ve read recently–spot on

Yes, let’s.

The July issue of Topic is out, called Trigger Warnings–it’s all about gun culture. There’s a lot there if you have the time.

Some of the best from the protests this weekend (and here)

If you haven’t seen Nanette yet, it’s just, wow…

The executives who’ve been taken down by #MeToo

Related: why it’s harder for black women to come forward

PTSD and the Pulse first responders

Hard to believe it’s not a hate crime already

The very definition of not patient-centered

I wasn’t able to attend this hearing last week, but I caught Terry Crews’ testimony online. You should, too:


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