Sexual Assault

Providing Gender Inclusive Care To The LGBTQ Population After Sexual Assault

RTI’s Forensic Technology Center of Excellence is hosting a webinar, Providing Gender Inclusive Care To The LGBTQ Population After Sexual Assault. The session will be held August 30th at 1pm. From the website:

This webinar will discuss considerations to best serve sexual assault victims of the LGBTQ community, particularly transgender survivors, and present case studies to illustrate gender inclusive responses to sexual assault.

To ensure the care and safety of all sexual assault victims, it is imperative that sexual assault forensic examiners and investigators examine their practices to ensure all needs of the LGBTQ Community are met. This webinar will discuss and explore safe care of the sexual assault victims within the LGBTQ community and will focus on the transgender community to better understand the spectrum of gender. The presenter will discuss the difference between gender and sexuality and discuss ways to look at forensic practices to increase gender awareness and inclusion. The webinar will illustrate practical ways to incorporate education, awareness, and improve services provided currently to ensure victims from any culture may feel safer reporting sexual assault. Additionally, the presenter will discuss reasons why victims may not access care and look at the increased risk of sexual violence in the LGBTQ population. Further discussion will include the implications for investigators, forensic science examiners, and others working sexual assault cases involving gender minorities.

Detailed Learning Objectives:

1. Define the LGBTQ Community & explore the spectrum of gender

2. Explore the increased risk of sexual assault in the LGBTQ community

3. Discuss modifications to consider during a sexual assault examination, investigation, and processes

4. Deconstruct barriers to accessing care and reporting after a sexual assault

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