Since Last We Spoke, 8-13-18

Home this week, with my father-in-law visiting, before I head to Camp Pendleton Saturday. Amazing how much you can pack into a week at home, especially during the summer. It felt like we never quit this weekend, although we took time Friday night to head to our synagogue to stand with our community on the eve of the Unite the Right rally here in DC (which, thankfully turned out to be a whole lot of not much at all compared to all the counterprotesters). I mostly took to the interwebs to follow the protests yesterday evening, but I managed to catch up on a few other things, as well–here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Catholic hospitals: proliferation actually translates to reduced access to some types of care

A wonder people hesitate to report

Love all these women vets running right now

DC restaurants weren’t having any of it this weekend

Healthcare gaslighting

The stories don’t seem to end for the military


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