Looking for Volunteers to Help Facilitate at My Workshop

If you are planning on attending the IAFN conference this year in Reno AND you are not committed to teaching or meetings on that Wednesday the 24th, please consider the following request–I am looking for volunteer facilitators for a new day-long testimony workshop we are doing that day. It will begin immediately after the keynote speaker that morning and go until 5pm. I need about 4 additional people (I have already compiled a great crew of facilitators, thus far, but it’s a large session, so I need a few more) with the following qualifications:

  • Minimum 5 years working in forensic nursing
  • Must have testified or provided expert consultation at trial 10 or more times
  • Must be able to easily discuss the evidence base that supports forensic nursing practice and ethical testimony

I have nothing but my eternal gratitude to offer for your participation (plus a cocktail or two in Reno)–you will not receive any discounts or compensation of any sort for assisting. I would love to be able to do that, but this site does not generate that kind of scratch. Sorry. But you will get to participate in a terrific day or learning, mentoring new(er) forensic nurses and teaching alongside other experienced colleagues. If this sounds remotely interesting, please contact me and include a copy of your CV with your email. I will get back with folks shortly after the Labor Day holiday. Facilitators will receive details for the workshop by the end of September.

Thanks for considering it!


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Thank you–sorry you can’t join us to facilitate, but I know you will be tied up!

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