Since Last We Spoke, Rosh Hashanah Edition

Heading to Orlando tomorrow to teach with the Army, and like many of you, I’ll be keeping an eye on Florence (because like many of you we are in her projected path at this point–re-upped on a few hurricane supplies yesterday just in case). Being an Ohio girl I really didn’t have a full appreciation of this nonsense until I started living down here. Stay safe, y’all.

Last night began Rosh Hashanah and the start of the holiest time of the year for us. I thought my wife said it best, so I am going to simply repeat for you here what she posted on social media because it really captures where we are personally and culturally at this time and place in the US: Shana Tova to my friends and family who celebrate. I wish you a sweet new year. I wish you time, peace, and solitude for the hard work of self-reflection in these coming days, as we all consider how we will live differently in the new year. I hope your intention includes loving more, including more, and fighting more. Let MORE be our kavanah (intention) this year.

Amen to that. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Just in time for the holiday: Repentance is hard, take note abusers

Aspire to live a life of enough integrity that Ronan Farrow never feels compelled to write about you

Last week’s Kavanaugh hearings sadly required this reminder about contraception from ACOG (PDF)

50 States of Queer: a midterm voter’s guide

Delores Huerta! (this is a great, brief, monologue, but if you have time, check out the extended audio below it)

I was sexually assaulted by another Marine. The Corps didn’t believe me.

#MeToo at the ballet 

One of the better takes on the US Open women’s finals

This video of Elizabeth Gilbert talking about hobbies vs jobs vs careers vs vocations was so spot on. Even though it’s geared towards artists, it felt incredibly relevant for many of us in our work, as well.

“And understanding that this ideal of rugged individualism and self-reliance — rugged individualism didn’t map the human genome. Rugged individualism didn’t get us to the moon, and you can’t love your country without loving your countrymen and women. When we manifest that kind of patriotism, that kind of civic love, that’s when we do things that light up the world, that light up the planet Earth.” This whole interview with Cory Booker on civic spiritual evolution is a delight. Actually, all of Krista Tippet’s interviews are a delight, but I really enjoyed this one. Read the transcript or listen to the audio.

Finally, here’s a video that feels like something many of us can relate to:



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