Sexual Assault

Allowed To Be Angry: Women, Rage And The Way Forward

There’s no way to ignore the amount of rage that women are feeling at this pivotal time in US history. So I was really pleased to hear 3 authors I admire tremendously featured on 1A this morning (all of whom have books out now that happen to be on my current reading list). Rebecca Traister (who was here in DC last night), Soraya Chemaly and Brittney Cooper are brilliant, inciteful, and well worth listening to. And trust me–this isn’t just about politics in this country. This is about the very work that we do, the place in which we are doing that work, and the institutional structures that allow that work to happen (or make it harder for patients to access the care we provide). Take the time to listen.

Oh, and as a bonus? This excellent Katha Pollitt essay in The Nation referencing all three of these feminist giants…


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