Sexual Assault

Advancing Research Initiatives and Combatting the Human Trafficking Epidemic

Forensic Technology Center of Excellence has an upcoming webinar: Advancing Research Initiatives and Combatting the Human Trafficking Epidemic. The session will be held on November 1st at 1pm ET. From the website:

Trafficking in persons is a multi-faceted global epidemic which has seen a significant increase in public awareness. However, there is a substantial need to expand capacities and technologies involving representatives from all stakeholders.

During this webinar, recommendations will be discussed addressing general policies and priorities, a need to better protect refugees, immigrants, and other at-risk populations, labor trafficking, and sexual exploitation. With many of these recommendations, key players involved with related research or program activities will be highlighted. In other areas, the recommendations identify the substantial lack of research and activities and are intended as a clarion call for action in a specific identified area associated with human trafficking. A core recommendation to any and all engaged in this work is to maintain a victim-centered approach. 

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