Since Last We Spoke, 10-22-18

This week is our annual IAFN conference, so I have no idea whether any other posts will happen. Hard to say, based on the level of historical (good) chaos that is this event. I am debuting brand new content, and there are a lot of moving parts to the one testimony session, so I am going to apologize in advance and just tell you, it will probably be kind of quiet over here as my energies are directed elsewhere. That being said, I am super excited to see so many of you in person. Please come say hello–you will surely see me all over the place, and I love meeting FHO readers, so feel free to introduce yourself.

The news continues to be appalling and scary and sad. I continue to waver on whether or not to even bother with the weekly round-up, but for now, I am leaning in favor, and so here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

This news about the administration’s trans memo is beyond upsetting (and frightening, disheartening, maddening, nauseating–insert your choice of adjectives). Love this list of action items in the wake of that bombshell. (We gave last night to Trans Lifeline, but there are many excellent groups on the list if you have some spare cash, as well as other non-monetary options).

Men’s regret (this is– a lot)

Good job, Lyft

Want to help other women? More talk, less blame.

Abortion by mail?

For some men, the pain is the point

Why the UN wants to ban virginity testing

I read this story to Sasha this morning as she got dressed and made her tear up because there actually are still some really good people in the world.

Safe travels, everyone–see you in Reno!


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2 replies on “Since Last We Spoke, 10-22-18”

I travelled from Ontario Canada to the IAFN and attended 3 of your sessions. You were the absolute highlight of the conference !!!!
So much learning to share with the nurses that I have the privilege of having on my Team.
Thank you 🙂

Betty, thank you for the kind words. Glad it was a good experience! Hope to see you next year in New Orleans!

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