Since Last We Spoke, 12-10-18

I’m writing this from my parents’ kitchen table as I sneak in a bit of family time before I head to Italy this week. I have bold plans for productivity before I strap into my long haul flight, but ultimately all I can say is, we’ll see. If all works out as planned, I’ll get in an Articles of Note before I go. 

I try to avoid using busy as an excuse or a battle cry or a shield (or a boast), but whew–as this year winds down I am wondering how it is possible we are at this point in the calendar already? I know I’m not alone in this. Anyway, here are a few things that caught my eye as I waited for my flight to the 216 this weekend:

A pathologist’s perspective on gunshot wounds

Seems like every year some paper publishes this same article, as if it’s a revelation, and not the annual indictment that it should be

Have you been reading the Star-Telegram’s investigative reports on sexual abuse in the fundamentalist Baptist churches?

Dangerousness, codified

Sex ed isn’t serving young black women

And finally, this fascinating read, apropos of pretty much nothing, but still…so interesting.


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