Since Last We Spoke, 2-4-19

I cannot describe how happy I am to look at my calendar and see no travel for 3 weeks. I’m delirious at the prospect of being home that long. I spent most of the weekend doing mundane things like grocery shopping, catching up on bad tv, and reminding my wife I live here, so I have nothing profound to report. But I did get a chance to read a bit. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

A new blog post from NSVRC that’s an important read

This survey out of the military academies…”a cultural rot”

We’re just beginning to fully understand the impact of witnessing domestic violence

How Planned Parenthood became a safe haven for queer women

Women: how to be the perfect victim of sexual violence

We don’t know the entire Lorena Bobbitt story

Humanity at its best

And finally 🙂 She ran 19 miles of a marathon carrying a lost puppy


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