Since Last We Spoke, 2-11-19

I have a confession: Sasha was at Ft Bragg all weekend doing soldier things, so I did nothing. Seriously, nothing. No work of any variety. I barely got myself fed if we’re going to be honest. I had a weekend of such spectacular sloth, it would be embarrassing if I didn’t know how much I had already worked in 2019, and how much work I will still do this month. That level of laying about lends oneself to a pretty decent amount of web surfing and generally catching up on the news of the day. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

An idea we should all get behind–a sensible holiday swap.

This investigative series on sexual abuse in the Southern Baptist church–whew (1st of 3 parts)

Lest we forget, the Catholic church is also in the news for some horrific behavior right now...

When teens are smarter than their parents on vaccinations

“Chief Kent spoke a half-dozen Arabic dialects and four other languages. She was one of the first women to complete the rigorous course required for other troops to accompany Navy SEALs on raids. She could run a 3:30 marathon, do a dozen full-arm-hang pull-ups and march for miles with a 50-pound rucksack.” A life lived in service, rest in peace.

Speaking of a life lived in service, we remember former Rep. John Dingell and his many contributions to health policy

Ugh, Virginia, it’s all problematic. Also, this.

BTW, all of this takes a toll

Why so many people ignore LGBTQ+ dating violence

In honor of Black History Month, 5 pioneering nurses you should know

This year’s Gun Law Score Card is now available from the Giffords Law Center

And finally, something to feel good about:


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