Since Last We Spoke, 2-25-19

Well, the hiatus at home was lovely, but it’s back to airports for me. It won’t be the constant frenzy for the next few weeks, but we’re definitely headed in that direction by the end of March, so I am trying to frontload work on a few new projects. I spent part of the weekend working to stay ahead, but there was definitely time for reading late at night. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

A nurse is building a database of women killed by intimate partners

The Smollett case proves why we should take hate crimes more seriously


Men understand consent

Anger is contagious

There’s so much to unpack about the R. Kelly story–this is but one aspect of it all

A love story about abortion–it’s a heartbreaker

“These monsters are the men”

These are great questions for getting feedback–will immediately add to the repertoire

The deadly truth about a world built for men

You all know I don’t work on planes. On my last flight home I finished reading this (it was amazing–everyone should read it); just starting this

yes, Nike.


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