Since Last We Spoke, 3-4-19

Here’s the thing–this is the last week I am home before I am on the road for some or all of the next 16 consecutive weeks (I feel somewhat lightheaded just typing that). That’s not to say some things couldn’t change, as there’s not a lot of stability in my calendar. Also, weeks 14-16 will be spent in Japan, purely for pleasure, as we celebrate the girlchild’s graduation from high school (we have promised her for almost 10 years now that we would take her to Asia for her graduation gift), so this is not 100% work. But to be clear, I have a lot of airport lounges in my future, which means that I am spending as much of *this* week parked in front of my fireplace as possible, cooking my own meals, and generally enjoying being home. I can’t promise things will be as regular as they usually are, but I will do my best to keep content coming. For now, check out what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

Emma Thompson will not be working with sexual harassers

We do not have the luxury of being tired of the 2020 election already

“What would I have done if I had killed her that night?”

We should be tracking the impact of the Title X gag rule, if not personally, certainly because our patients access to all the healthcare legally allowed in the country.

We knew this, but it’s good to see others in healthcare acknowledge it too

This seems relevant to my circumstances

How the media covered for Michael Jackson


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