Since Last We Spoke, 3-18-19

I’m heading to ATL in the morning to teach for a few days, but before I head out, it’s worth mentioning a couple things. One, it’s spring here in the District, which is a gift. Every damn year this city takes my breath away. The cherry blossoms are out, and well–you know the rest if you’ve seen them, and if you haven’t, might I suggest putting it on your to-do list. Two, we are in the throws of college notifications around here, so everyone’s just a bit on edge in my house. I don’t know who’s more anxious–the girlchild or my wife. It’s a toss-up really. Prayers would be appreciated that we all make it through this with our faculties intact. (I know she will end up where she’s supposed to be, and she’s already been accepted to one school, so we know the kid is going somewhere. Four more to go.) Anyway, the sun was out, the wife was baking this weekend, and I had a few projects of my own going on, but here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Speaking of college admissions

Related (but in the best possible way)

What happened in Christchurch is unspeakable, yet terribly familiar at this point. A lot has been written, but 2 things worth mentioning: Not debating with Islamophobes and a piece from the folks at the Capital Gazette (who have seen their own terrible violence)

EMRs haven’t been the revolution we were promised

Tattoos as therapy

I am ready to vote for her if she runs

How Inuit parents raise their children without yelling

In the South, many gay and bisexual black men don’t know the extent of the HIV problem… And, if they do, they may not have access to the tools to prevent and treat the disease.

10 life lessons horrible bosses taught me

Some of the best (condensed) presentation tips

A pretty important ruling against nurses in this case. Some lessons for practice that shouldn’t be ignored (whether you agree with the Board decision or not).

“A beautiful woman dies and a man feels bad about it” A perfect 2(ish) minute animated monologue by the crime writer Laura Lippman on the problem with dead women.


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