Elder Abuse/Neglect

New Research in Elder Abuse: Developing a Geriatric Injury Documentation Tool

Sometimes with as much content contained on this site, things get lost. So I wanted to make sure I took a minute to highlight an article that has recently been published that might otherwise get missed in my usual roundup of research pubs every month. It’s in the elder abuse arena and has more of a medical-forensic focus, making it a comparatively less common finding in our world.

Developing the Geriatric Injury Documentation Tool (Geri-IDT) to Improve Documentation of Physical Findings in Injured Older Adults (Kogan, et al). The objective of the study: “To (1) use insights from experts to develop a tool to assist clinicians in appropriately and completely documenting physical findings in injured older adults for potential future forensic investigation of abuse or neglect and (2) to assess the feasibility of incorporating this tool into clinical practice.

Very excited to read this.


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