Since Last We Spoke, 4-8-19

After a fantastic weekend back in the 216, I’m in my writing chair and staring down deadlines, so we’ll make this quick. I’m back in the office this week, and then–well, I don’t really know, because the travel calendar has gone pear-shaped. I do know I’m on the road next week, and then we roll into Passover (we’re hosting seder, so much planning left to do). After that…really it’s anyone’s guess right now. So here’s what caught my eye as I desperately procrastinated since last we spoke:

Things you can do to end the nonprofit Hunger Games

What a fantastically simple (yet lifesaving) idea

Someone is always trying to kill you: this amazing piece about women in Honduras is worth the (long) read

An interesting idea: deep listening

I can’t believe only 5 states currently ban the practice of pelvic exams without consent–NY is trying to be #6

How to criticize with kindness

This opinion piece is beautiful (and if you don’t follow Charlotte on Twitter, you really should)

Finally, here’s a bit of inspiration to take you into your week (in case you haven’t seen it yet):


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