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Late Notice: Webinars from IAFN and NIWRC

Starting this week off with a couple of late notice webinars for you, rather than our usual Monday offering, since both are good ones that simply ended up on my radar after last week’s posts:

First up: IAFN’s continuing webinar series, Medical-Forensic Evaluation of Asylum Seekers holds its 4th session, The Evaluation of Women Asylum Seekers. It’s live on May 3rd from 1-2:30pm ET. It will also be archived if you can’t make it at that time or it’s full (max registrants is 200). It’s free for IAFN members, and includes 1.5 nursing CEUs. Previous sessions in the series include:

  • Legal Framework for Immigrant Victims & Introduction to the Istanbul Protocol (Completed November 15.  Available in the Online Learning Center)
  • The Clinical Interview & Considerations for Vulnerable Populations (Completed December 11.  Available in the Online Learning Center)
  •  Physical Exam & Utilizing the Istanbul Protocol (Completed April 17.)

Register for the webinar here.

The second webinar is from the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center (NIWRC). They are holding a session on May 2nd at 3pm ET, Honoring Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women to Guide Our Advocacy for Change. They also archive their webinars if you cannot attend the event live. From the announcement:

During the period of 1979 through 1992, homicide was the third-leading cause of death of Indian females aged 15 to 34, and 75 percent were killed by family members or acquaintances. In 2005, the movement for safety of Native women resulted in the “Safety for Indian Women” being included under the Violence Against Women Act.  A study released by the U.S. Department of Justice has found that in some tribal communities, American Indian women face murder rates that are more than 10 times the national average. Over the last decade awareness of this national issue has increased but more must be done to stop disappearances and save lives.  Please join us on May 5th, 2019, as we honor missing and murdered Indigenous women and together increase our national awareness and demand change at the tribal, federal and state levels.

Register for the session here.


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