Sexual Assault

Teen Sex Trafficking: Recognizing the Signs and Creating a Safe Space for Disclosure

Evidentia Publishing (publishers of the IAFN Pediatric Strangulation Case Review and Assessment) and MobileODT are co-hosting a webinar May 14th at 2pm ET, Teen Sex Trafficking: Recognizing the Signs and Creating a Safe Space for Disclosure. I haven’t attended any of their offerings before so I cannot tell you much except that it is an industry-sponsored event, for what that’s worth. I would expect some product promotion, but hopefully, there’s also some quality content contained in the session:

The average age of a victim’s entrance into sex trafficking is between 12 – 14 years old. At this developmental stage, teens are especially vulnerable to traffickers and may not even realize that they are victims of trafficking.

So how can healthcare professionals recognize the signs of sex trafficking and create a safe space for disclosure?

Our live webinar (co-hosted by MobileODT and Evidentia Publishing) featuring leading child abuse expert, Jordan Greenbaum, MD, Medical Director of the Global Health and Well-being Initiative with the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, is not to be missed. Be a part of the learning experience – get answers from experts and feedback from peers on this critical issue!

Gain knowledge in:

  • Definitions and signs of sex trafficking in teens – what in adolescent development makes them vulnerable
  • Using a trauma informed approach with adolescents in healthcare settings
  • How forensic exams and medical documentation may be different for this population

Register for the webinar here.


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