Since Last We Spoke, 5-13-19

Greetings from cold and rainy DC. I was super privileged to spend a very satisfying day with the NY state IAFN chapter last Friday talking testimony. A lot of great conversation, many insightful questions, and just such good people. So much fun.

I’m back home this week because the work never stays put on the calendar, and now all my April and May work is August and September work, so it gives me plenty of time to wrap up some odds and ends, and maybe get something new going. I’m also prepping for the big graduation in a few weeks, and after that, a couple weeks in Japan. But for now, I’m staying put; here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

How women and minorities are claiming their right to rage

Generic HIV drugs will soon be within reach

I frequently play patriarchy chicken–most often in airports and on airplanes

NIWRC has a new special collection on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Come on, Nike, do better

Let’s talk about how to end sexual violence

A poem to live by:


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2 replies on “Since Last We Spoke, 5-13-19”

Thank you for coming to New York and providing us with a great presentation. I learned a lot and have more understanding of the court process and the what to do, not to do’s! Since then I have been attending your website and am eager to dive into the information you have here as well. This is a valuable resource. Thank you again, Jodi

It was a sincere pleasure, Jodi! Thanks for becoming an FHO reader and I look forward to crossing paths again soon!

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