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Bisexual Crime Victims: Least Visible, Most at Risk

Vera Institute’s National Resource Center for Reaching Victims has a webinar coming up, Bisexual Crime Victims: Least Visible, Most at Risk. This is a great topic that I’ve never seen covered as the primary focus of an educational session. The webinar will be held June 17th at 2pm ET. They generally archive their sessions so I would imagine this will be accessible after the fact. From the registration page:

It’s often said they have “the best of both worlds,” but victimization rates tell a very different story. Bisexuals make up the largest part of the LGBTQ community, yet are the most invisible and have some of the highest rates of victimization. This webinar will go over the statistics, look at some of the reasons why this population is so invisible and at-risk, and explore the long-term health implications of these facts. We will also begin to explore how the victim service field and LGBTQ advocates can begin to better respond to this population’s unique needs.

Register here.


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2 replies on “Bisexual Crime Victims: Least Visible, Most at Risk”

What a great topic. Looking forward to this one. It is interesting how bi persons are often excluded by the LGBTQ community as not being “truly” LGBTQ, and are often overlooked by society as being a marginalized population. I know for a fact that my LGBTQ reporting numbers on my patient demographics are inaccurate because it’s impossible to fully capture our large number of un-identified bi patients.

Agreed- the LGBTQ+ community often treats bi folks as being either unable to decide or on their way to straight or gay. The reality is the range of queer identities is far more vast than when I was coming up. Topics like this one are important and I hope we continue to see more. Looking forward to watching it when I return.

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