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And…We’re Back! Plus, Pediatric Case Studies

I hope everyone had a wonderful June. Our family had an amazing time in Japan, and now I am down in Charlottesville with the girlchild for college orientation for a few days. The vacation was a wonderful reset, and I am ready to get back to work. Let’s not waste any time, shall we?

Jumping right back into education with one of my very favorite presenters: Dr. Sharon Cooper is doing a session on pediatric case studies for the Tribal Forensic Healthcare project. The webinar will be held August 2nd at 11am (sorry Alaska and Hawaii, but take heart, all their sessions are archived, so listening live isn’t the only option). CEs are available for both nurses and physicians. From the announcement:

Forensic nurses provide specialized care for the pediatric patient who is presenting for health care related to known or suspected child maltreatment. A variety of case studies will be reviewed including parental opioid use, sexual assault, exploitation and children exposed to violence.

Register here.


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