Since Last We Spoke, 7-22-19

I’m in Pensacola, FL this week and my time will definitely not belong to me, so posts may be sparse. I worked a good portion of the weekend, but travel left me a bit of time to surf (and the heatwave in much of the US, including DC meant retreating indoors anyway)–here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

A former medical student who raped an unconscious woman “availed himself of an opportunity” he could not resist due to the stress of “leading an exemplary life,” his lawyer has argued.

My rage read for the weekend

Excellent writing/editing recommendations

Such a lovely and moving essay (and a gift to families)

Padma, on point

I adore the dictionary in the age of social media

This was probably the loveliest thing I read all weekend


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“What I understood on the other side of my decision, on the gulf, was that there was no such thing as ruining yourself. There are ways to be wounded and ways to survive those wounds, but no one can survive denying their own needs. To be a crane-wife is unsustainable.”

Thank you for sharing this article- its somehow just what I needed today 🙂

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