Child Abuse Sexual Assault

Child Sexual Abuse, Disclosure, and PTSD: Safer Responses to Disclosure

ISPCAN’s August Journal Club webinar will be Child Sexual Abuse, Disclosure, and PTSD: Safer Responses to Disclosure. The session will be held August 8th at 12pm ET. From the registration page:

This webinar will discuss the relationship between child sexual abuse, disclosure, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Given the importance of safe responses to disclosure of child sexual abuse, this webinar will also discuss VEGA (Violence, Evidence, Guidance, Action), a Canadian public health response to family violence. VEGA includes a handbook for recognizing and responding safely to family violence, as well as scripts and ‘how-to’ videos showing providers examples of how to safely respond to family violence, including child sexual abuse.

You can read the article on which this webinar will focus here (FULL TEXT).

Register for the session here.


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