LGBTQ+ Intimate Partner Violence In Later Life

Long-time readers of FHO know I don’t generally post educational sessions here that aren’t free, but every now and again I make an exception if it’s a topic that doesn’t come along very often (and also comes with CEs). The American Society on Aging has a webinar coming up on LGBTQ+ Intimate Partner Violence in Later Life. It will be held September 12th at 10am PT. It’s free for ASA members, but $49 for non-members. From the website:

This web seminar will provide an overview of domestic violence and how it presents in the older adult and LGBTQ+ communities, and the dynamics of abuse in the older adult LGBTQ+ community. This web seminar will equip participants with a foundational understanding of trauma, and how the symptoms of trauma present in the LGBTQ+ older adult community across the lifespan from a trauma-informed framework.

Register here.


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