Since Last We Spoke, 9-23-19

I got home a little earlier than expected last week, so I had a more relaxing weekend than planned. The girlchild came home from college, which was divine, and while Sasha worked all weekend, it was from home, also not planned. So all in all, an improvement on what I thought the weekend would initially be. Plus I was very pleased at your feedback about virtual journal club, so we are going to give it a go–Option #1 (a weekly series of facilitated questions on the site with a wrap-up digest available at the end). Come back tomorrow for the announcement of the article and a few details on how we will proceed.

I am off to New Hampshire to talk about my favorite topic (testimony, of course) with what I have been told is a fantastic crew of nurses (looking forward to meeting everyone!). But before I leave, here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

I do believe I spy one of our own in this article on exonerations

Rape is not a punishment for getting drunk.

Is domestic violence in the military getting the attention it deserves?

Women describe how Jeffrey Epstein controlled them

An argument for nursing presence in the twittosphere

Somewhat related: nurses not “staying in our lane” (spoiler: it is our lane)

Keeping it professional when the wine is flowing

This lovely, but difficult essay about stillbirth

If you haven’t read this amazing profile on Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness, please do

I do love a good booklist

And finally, standup that rings pretty true:


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