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Self-Care in the Wake of Intense Media Coverage

I’m headed to the 216 for some quality family time, to practice a little self-care of my own in the wake of some very trying times. I leave you with this blog post over at Psychology Today by Olga Trujillo: Getting Through Sex Abuse Scandals and Depression.

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault in the Military

I spent several days this week teaching for the Marine Corps; one day with the prosecutors and one day with defense. So I definitely have been thinking about the issue of sexual assault in the military and their criminal justice response. But it’s more than just training JAGs; it’s also several items that have come across my desk in the past week, which add a layer of complexity around discussions on this issue.

DV/IPV Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence in Native Country

The Family Justice Center Alliance is hosting a webinar on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence in Native Country. The webinar will be December 13th from 1-2:30 pm ET. You can register for the session here.