Nurses can earn 5 CEs for completing Western Schools’ Bioterrorism and the Nurse’s Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction. This is in a text-posttest format; however it is much longer than your typical article-based CE offering, running 65 pages (so pace yourself).  It’s currently available at the sale price of $19.95 (you save $5).

Objectives include:
•    Discuss acts of terrorism and the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
•    Indicate what mechanisms are necessary for detection, command and control during terrorist attacks.
•    Recognize when to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for acts of terrorism.
•    Discuss reporting procedure with respect to biological agents.
•    Explain the reporting procedure for acts of terrorism with respect to biological agents.

***The site notes that this offering does not satisfy TX state requirements for Bioterrorism CEs.