The "Choking" Game

Also from the CDC website this morning:

It’s called the “choking game,” but it’s no game, and there are no winners. Some kids are choking themselves or each other, by hand or with some form of noose. The intent is to get a high, caused by a temporary lack of oxygen to the brain. Tragically, this so-called ‘game’ sometimes goes too far and results in death. In this broadcast, Dr. Robin Toblin discusses this latest activity and steps that can be taken to bring an end to this deadly game.

This is a brief podcast (less than 5 minutes), but an interesting introduction to the concept of the “choking game”. I know it’s an issue that’s raised by lawyers and police in some sexual assault and IPV cases I see involving strangulation.

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Thank you for posting this podcast. It is noteworthy that some children also play in groups using a variation of the game involving chest pressure instead of carotid artery occlusion. Although it precludes accidental strangulation, oxygen deprivation still occurs and injuries due to falls, brain damage etc. still results. Oxygen deprivation activity is usually consentual but has occasionlly been reported as an act of bullying etc.

That’s interesting–that is the same link I posted in Pt. II of the series. Good for the school for being proactive with parents…

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