(a quick update)

I’m headed out on the road today for a series of trips that will take me to Chicago, Vicenza Italy, DC and Newport RI over the next 13 days (look for me at a Continental gate in an airport near you). Posts will be a bit lighter, but should still be up regularly. Bear with me, though, if the spelling or grammar gets nutty–1st things to go when my brain is overloaded.

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Vicenza, Italy! WOW – I lived there for 8 years and just loved it. It is a beautiful time of year to go. Enjoy and have a glass of prosecco wine for me.
Denise Engel

Thanks Denise–I’m sleep deprived and punchy right now as they put me to work straight off the plane, but I look forward to a glass and a meal off base tomorrow night!

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