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Articles of Note: April Edition

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Time once again for a run down of some of the new and noteworthy articles in the current literature. Most of these are from the April/May issues, although I have included a couple March publications that missed me on the 1st pass. As always, please keep in mind this in no way a comprehensive list; simply items that have caught my attention from a selection of peer-reviewed journals. All links lead to abstracts; from there you can choose what’s worth a.) paying for; b.) a pilgrimage to your nearest medical library;  or c.) downloading via the full-text access you possibly have at your disposal.

American Journal of Addiction, 2009 May-Jun;18(3)

Relationship between Multiple Forms of Maltreatment by a Parent or Guardian and Adolescent Alcohol Use.
Shin S. H., et al.

Annals of Emergency Medicine, Volume 53(4)

The Underrecognized Toll of Prescription Opioid Abuse on Young Children
J. Elise Bailey, et al.

Safety and Injury Profile of Conducted Electrical Weapons Used by Law Enforcement Officers Against Criminal Suspects William P. Bozeman, et al.

Houston’s Medical Disaster Response to Hurricane Katrina: Part 1: The Initial Medical Response From Trauma Service Area Q
Douglas R. Hamilton, et al.

Canadian Medical Association Journal 2009 Mar 3;180(5)

Factors associated with suspected drug-facilitated sexual assault.
Du Mont, J., et al.

Child Abuse and Neglect 2009 Mar;33(3)

HIV post-exposure prophylaxis in children and adolescents presenting for reported sexual assault.
Girardet, R. G., et al.

Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 2009 Apr;16(4)

Delayed parkinsonism with a selective symmetric basal ganglia lesion after manual strangulation.
Miao, J., et al.

Journal of Dental Education 2009 Apr;73(4)

What victims of domestic violence need from the dental profession.
Nelms, A. P., et al.

Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine 2009 May;16(4)

Characteristics of victims and assaults of sexual violence–improving inquiries and prevention.
Ingemann-Hansen, O., et al.

Obstetrics and Gynecology 2009 Apr;113(4)

Prevalence of domestic violence in a pregnant military population.
Lutgendorf , M. A., et al.

Preventive Medicine 2009 Mar 30

Factors associated with sexual assault and time to presentation.
McCall-Hosenfeld, J. S., et al.