Lippincott, in conjunction with the Journal of Nursing Administration: Healthcare Law, Ethics and Regulation, has an online CE offering on the basics of EMTALA, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act. This is an issue near and dear to the hearts of those of us who provide care for sexual assault patients; the nuances of the act are not always well understood. Cost is $24.95 and 2.5 CEUs are available (sorry, no physician hours on this one). The offering is your standard article-posttest format. Be aware: the CE offer expires 9/30/09.

[EMTALA overview]

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This article was published in 2006 and may be outdated. In particular, the most recent recommendations from experts on EMTALA suggest that a Medical Screening Exam should be done on patients presenting with law enforcement for a legal BA or drug screen. This contradicts what was stated in the article and as fast moving as changes are in EMTALA interpretation are most recent references would be more useful.


If you have a more current article on EMTALA, please send me a link and I’ll happily post it. Thanks for the comment–and for all of our readers, please continue to let us know on the site if there’s something that isn’t up to date or that doesn’t meet the standards of current practice. That’s really invaluable.


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