DV & Faith-Based Communities

Witness Justice & have just announced a new web forum on domestic violence and faith-based communities, specifically the African-American community. The forum is being facilitated by Dr. Aleese Moore-Orbih from the Faith Trust Institute. “This forum will highlight some of the common, complex and culturally specific contributors to violence against African American women. It will address the role of faith as a resource and a roadblock and offer concrete ways in which faith communities can respond to and support abused women and their children in the African American Community.”

You can also see the conversations from previous web forums here. Unfortunately, overall responses look pretty sparse to date–not sure if it’s the format or a lack of publicity. Either way, don’t let a great opportunity for interesting dialogue pass by. Head over to the site for what could be some valuable conversation. There’s definitely a voice for healthcare providers in this particular forum–I know in my practice the faith-based community is an integral part of our coordinated community response and a frequent referral source during discharge planning.