DV/IPV Sexual Assault Testimony

Expert Witnesses

I’m in Boise, Idaho this week speaking at their 2 Days in June conference (with the fantastic Doug Miles, one of my favorite traveling companions). One of the topics we’re presenting is Using Experts in DV and Sexual Assault Cases.  I’ve actually written on the topic before, in a monograph for NDAA: The Role of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners in the Prosecution of Domestic Violence Cases. My friend and new boss, Jennifer Long, formerly of NDAA, wrote a related monograph in that series: Introducing Expert Testimony to Explain Victim Behavior in Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Cases. You can download both of them (along with the rest of the monographs in that series) here. Yes, they’re written for lawyers, but I think there’s valuable info there for anyone working as an expert in these types of cases.

And if you’re attending 2 Days in June, please come by and say hello!

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