Sexual Assault

False Allegations

MNCASA is sponsoring a webinar on responding to false allegations of sexual assault, Monday, June 29th from 12-1:30 CDT. From the announcement: False reports of sexual assault are rare yet they attract significant attention from the media and influence public opinion about the prevalence of sexual violence. The webinar will explore this challenging issue from a number of perspectives, with the overall goal of providing tools that will help you respond effectively to difficult questions about victim credibility.

The agenda includes a critical look at relevant research studies and data, an explanation of law enforcement terminology and investigative procedures, and a discussion of the most common reasons for victim recantation. We’ll conclude by discussing ways to work across disciplines to educate professionals and the broader community about sexual assault so that isolated false claims do not distort or distract from the true understanding that this is still a vastly underreported crime.

This is another really good webinar that I’m kicking myself for missing (damn you, California!). Let me know how it was, and if they post archived materials, I’ll try and add them to the site.

UPDATE: You can view the archived session and all materials here.