Critical Incident Response in the Workplace

Crisis Care Network has an online training, Best Practices in Critical Incident Response in the Workplace. The course provides attendees with a video-enhanced overview of best practices in critical incident response services. This program summarizes the latest findings in evidence based behavioral medicine as it relates to psychological first aid, addresses the unique aspects of the provider’s role with the employer client and provides an overview of how to deliver critical incident response services in the workplace. This program covers:

* The latest research and best practices in critical incident response
* The client relationship as it relates to serving employers
* What we have learned about resiliency and post traumatic stress disorder
* Overview of Psychological First Aid (PFA) Guidelines
* How to conduct individual, small and large group briefings in the workplace

In order to access the course, you must email your first and last name to They will send you your log-in and password, which will allow you to move through the course at your own pace. The course is free of charge.

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