An FHO Extra: Legistalker

So over at Lifehacker today I discovered a new site that might be of interest to all you policy wonks out there. Trying to keep up with specific members of Congress? Legistalker allows you to follow the online goings on of your favorite (for whatever reason) elected official.

For instance, never tiring of the crazysauce coming from Rep. Michele Bachmann from Minnesota, I searched her name to see what wackiness could be attributed to her (sadly, kind of tame, today):

Picture 1

As Lifehacker reports:

Legistalker combs a variety of news, social networking, and government sites to pool information about members of the U.S. Congress. Searching for a Senator or Representative will return mentions of that individual in the media, Twitter updates, YouTube videos, Capitol Words—a nifty weighted cloud of the words they’ve used in interviews and floor speeches—and their voting record which includes what they’ve introduced and votes yes or no on.”

Oh Lifehacker, how I love your never ending stream of procrastination tools…

[Legistalker via Lifehacker]