Child Abuse Sexual Assault

Investigation & Litigation of Child Sex Abuse

The National Child Protection Training Center is offering a free webinar: When the Victim is Very Young: Investigation and Litigation of Child Sexual Abuse Cases. It will be held September 17th at 3pm Central and Victor Vieth will be the faculty for the session. Please note: advanced registration is required and closes September 10th. Click here to register.

I know it’s not the most clinically-focused offering I’ve put up, but I also know there are a lot of Victor Vieth fans among you. Plus it’s great info to take back to your MDTs or SARTs.

This workshop addresses the sexual abuse of pre and non-verbal children. The workshop includes a discussion of the difficulties in substantiating or proving a case of sexual abuse with children so young. More importantly, the workshop offers concrete examples for investigators, CPS workers, child protection attorneys and prosecutors that will empower us to better respond to cases of sexual abuse in which the victim is very young.