Generic Plan B

Monday, pharmaceutical companies can start marketing a generic version of Plan B. I hope this will increase access to emergency contraception (EC), but I am skeptical. Part of the problem is a fundamental misunderstanding of how Plan B works (or doesn’t work, for that matter). Part of the problem is the regulatory issues which won’t change just because there’s a generic version.

I’d like to think that clinicians are better informed about EC today, but I’m not sure that’s true everywhere. However, I stumbled across a pretty cool tool that can assist you in putting together a high quality presentation on this topic, should you care to provide some training to staff or colleagues.

The Curriculum Organizer for Reproductive Health Education (CORE) is an open access, searchable tool that allows users to put together scientific presentations on a range of reproductive health topics, including EC. The site states that slides are current, peer-reviewed and clinically accurate.  Simply go to the slide generator and search for slides by keyword or category. Once you’ve chosen your search parameters, choose from the existing slides returned in the results to build your presentation. You can also access presentation handouts and activities on the site.

CORE is provided by the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals.

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The FDA has just approved ‘Plan B One-Step’ which is simply two Plan B tablets (levonorgestrol 0.75 mg) combind into one (levonorgestrol 1.5 mg). Of course the issue will be the price point difference one will have to pay in order to have the convenience of only having to swallow once……..

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