Welcome to the New FHO Site (in progress)

As you can see, things have definitely changed around here. It was time to secure our own domain and hosting so that we could have a site with increased functionality. In the process of moving the site, we upgraded a few things and added content.  So along with all of the regular posts, you’ll notice we now have some categories running along the top.

Some are pages that have been around awhile (like Conference Handouts and FAQs). However, we have a couple new features–specifically the Canada page. It’s still a work in progress, but as you may have guessed, this will be an area with resources and events for our Canadian readers (with a guest editor who knows a thing or two about Canadian goings on). There’s also a consolidated page of clinical guides, which will be regularly updated–look for a new topic towards the end of December.

The subscription link is still in the upper right corner, which will get you registered for email updates every day there’s new content. There’s now an RSS link at the end of every post, if you’d like to receive FHO updates in your Google reader or on your Google homepage. You’ll also notice the Share/Save box embedded in each post that makes it a snap for you to share offerings from FHO via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Finally, in the right hand column, beneath the subscription link, there is space for ads. GW Medical Publishing has one there now. Please note: I do not receive any financial support from them; the ad is in exchange for their participation in book giveaways on the site, the next of which will be the week before Christmas. This doesn’t mean I won’t at some point receive financial support from sponsors. However, I will always be explicit about support I receive so that there is no question about conflict of interest or the veracity of my support for certain items, organizations or events.

As the title implies, the site is far from perfected. The next couple weeks will see small tweaks to the look and content of FHO. We’re working on forwarding the old site and all of its posts. But the basics are in place and I am pleased with the way things are looking. A special thanks to my web guy extraordinaire, Greg, who miraculously still takes my phone calls. I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions about ways to continue improving the site and adding function and content. Feel free to leave your ideas in the Comments, or shoot me an email if you’d rather not post your thoughts for all the world to see.