Partner Stalking

JWI’s National Alliance to End Domestic Violence is hosting a webinar January 7th on partner stalking, from 12-1 pm ET. Cost to attend is $25 for non-members (free for members). TK Logan and Teri Feragher will be the featured speakers.

Participants will learn:

  1. The unique dimensions and consequences of partner violence.
  2. The economic costs of partner stalking to victims and society.
  3. The challenges partner stalking poses for victims, the justice system, and for victim services.
  4. The implications of the current research on partner stalking for policy and practice.

JWI puts on 10 webinars each year, so if you are interested in their topics (and social workers get CEs for the sessions, although medical folks do not), you might want to consider becoming a member. It’s $99/year for individuals or $149/year for organizations (which includes access for all staff), and that comes with free webinars (10 a year), plus free audio downloads for later use. Not a bad use of funds.