DV & Animal Cruelty

I am stranded at the CLE airport, where power went out 9 hours ago and has only just been restored. Needless to say, it’s chaos here, and the flight I was supposed to get on to go to Dallas has been cancelled. I’ve allegedly been rebooked for later tonight, so while I hang out to see whether I pissed off the travel gods that badly, I figured I’d get a post up.

FJCA has a webinar scheduled for January 14th, 9-10:30 am Pacific: The “Link” Between Interpersonal Violence and Abuse of Animals. Lesley Ashworth from the OH Attorney General’s Office (also a consultant to the American Humane Society) will be the featured speaker. Pre-registration‘s a good idea.

If this is a topic you’re interested in, I’d encourage you to check out AHA‘s online resources on this topic at The Link, and their work around sheltering animals for people fleeing violence (PAWS).

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Most law enforcement officers already know this as it’s taught in all academys. With nursing I think it can be important in context of DV and dating violence. Teaching and warning women ( and men ) that ANY hostility directed towards animals especially theres ( or yours )is a deal breaker in any and ALL relationships. Better to get out of dodge and never get in it to begin with !!

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