In My Inbox: Threats in the ED & This Emotional Life

This morning when I booted up my email I found two great things to share. The first is a fantastic blog entry over at Chief Complaint (the Medscape ED Physician’s blog). It briefly discusses an encounter with a patient who threatens to kill an ED nurse (among other unpleasant things), and asks the questions: “Is the emergency department a criminal-free zone?  Perhaps once an individual crosses the ED entryway, society’s laws regarding physical assault and homicidal threats no longer apply?” It’s a great read, but as with all Medscape offerings, you must register for the site to access it. Thanks, Kim for the tip!

The other item in my inbox is a link to the new PBS series, This Emotional Life. Apparently it looks at many issues related to our work, such as bullying, resiliency, trauma, etc. I haven’t seen it yet, but there is a lot about the series available on their website, including video, specific tools for military families, and an enormous resource database. If anyone’s seen it, please let us know what you thought (thanks, Christina and Sally!).

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The series “This Emotional Life” is well worth watching. Hosted by a social psychologist,it covers a wide variety of mental health topics. The series skillfully blends scientific research with real-life stories (and even some cameo appearances by celebrities who offer surprisingly wise comments). It is engrossing and well presented. I’m a psychologist, and I liked it so much I bought the DVD!

Fantastic, Jennifer, thanks! I’m hoping to be able to set aside time tonight to watch one of the episodes. Missed that the entire thing’s available on DVD–those of you interested can purchase it here. It’s surprisingly reasonable…

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