Vicarious Trauma Webinar

The Family Justice Center Alliance has a webinar on vicarious trauma coming up February 11th from 9-11am Pacific. As with all FJCA webinars, it’s free, but preregistration is a good idea.

Topics that will be discussed:

-What is Vicarious Traumatization?
-Differences between Vicarious Traumatization and burn out
-Psychological and emotional states exhibited
-Self evaluation for Vicarious Traumatization
-Socialization solutions for mitigating Vicarious Traumatization
-Prevention of Vicarious Traumatization
-Positive effects of physical routines
-Affects on soul and spirituality
-Dealing with Vicarious Traumatization for self or coworker

BTW, when I wrote this post the FJCA website was down. Hopefully they’ve fixed it, but if their link doesn’t work, there you go.